Gene Splicers are items that you can obtain through questing, achievements, or retiring a critter that has reached its max level. Gene Splicers contain traits, which can be injected into critters. You can stack injected trait levels. For example, injecting a critter with 2 Gene Splicers of the same type would give you a level 2 of that trait, rather then a level 1. Injecting traits does not cost any skill points, but due to an update, is still subject to the maximum trait level that is set by your critter's current level. Gene Splicers will not work on eggs.

The following is a list of each critter type and what gene splicer each critter will give if retired at its maximum level.

Critter Trait Effect Image
Bird Lucky Luck +16% (+6%/lvl) Lucky Splicer
Fish Precocious Gestation time -8% (-3%/lvl) Gene splicer Precocious
Lizard Reasonable Jealousy -8% (-3%/lvl) Gene splicer reasonable
Moth Ephemeral Max level -20%

Extractions +16% (+6%/lvl)

Ephemeral Splicer
Wolf Ogrish Hunger +16% (+6%/lvl)

Max HPs +8% (+3%/lvl)

Ogrish Splicer
Crustacean Hexer Deteriorations duration +16% (+6%/lvl) Gene splicer Hexer
Owlbear Wrestler Shackles duration +16% (+6%/lvl) Gene splicer Wrestler
Raptor Holy Dispel negative conditions +16% (+6%/lvl) Holy Splicer
Spider Venomous Ignited, frozen, poisoned, electrocuted duration +16% (+6%/lvl) Venemous Splicer
Toad Fertile Extractions +16% (+6%/lvl) Gene splicer Fertile
Calamari Conjurer Duration +16% (+6%/lvl) Conjurer Splicer
Crocodile Dispeler Dispel +16% (+6%/lvl) Dispeler Splicer
Hornet Accurate To Hit +16% (+6%/lvl) Gene splicer Accurate
Mammoth Tank Max HPs +8% (+3%/lvl) Tank Splicer
Steed Healer Restore HPs +8% (+3%/lvl) Gene Splicer Healer
Walrus Resilient Condition resistance +16% (+6%/lvl) Gene splicer Resilient
Dragon Long-Lived Max Level +2(+2/lvl) Gene Splicer Long-lived
Gorilla Bruiser Physical damange +4% (+1.5%/lvl) Gene splicer Bruiser
Hydra Resourceful Max PPs +8% (+3%/lvl) Resourceful Splicer
Lion Optimist Bonuses duration +16% (+6%/lvl) Gene splicer Optimist
Mantis Agile Evade +16% (+6%/lvl) Agile Splicer
Tortoise Sturdy Physical damage absorption +20 (+5/lvl) Gene splicer Sturdy
Beholder Fizzler Fizzle +5.3% (+0.3%/lvl) Gene splicer Fizzler FAKE
Cerberus Defensive Tolerates other creatures +16% (+6%/lvl)

Fizzle and Physical parry +4% (+1.5%/lvl)

Gene splicer Defensive FAKE
Wyrm Barren Extractions -50%

Max level +1 (+1/lvl)

Gene splicer Barren
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