Description: Increases the duration of the condition.

PP: 3 (+1 per level)

Effect: Duration +2 (+1 per level)

Other: Attaches to a condition piece. An extra Duration attachment indicates cfoc.

Appendage Sources: Number of Duration attachments:
Any Horn/Antenna/Antler 1
Any Jaw (besides Snake Tongue or Mandibles) 1
Snake Tongue or Mandibles 2
Bone Dorsal Spikes 1
Pincers 1
Mandibles + Scorpion Tail 1
Fish Combo (Dorsal Fin + Tail Fin) 1
Bone Combo (Found on 6 Bone Appendage Critters, might not require all 6 Bone Apps, Combo includes Bone Dorsal Spikes + Bone Wings) 1
Species Sources (by tier):
(T1) Moth 1
(T2) Toad 1
(T2) Spider 1
(T3) Calamari 1
(T3) Crocodile 1
(T3) Hornet 2
(T3) Walrus 1
(T4) Dragon 2
(T4) Gorilla 1
(T4) Hydra 1
(T4) Tortoise 2
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