Critter Skill Calculator

What it does: Allows you to plan future critters without looking up 1 app at a time on the Wiki. Also allows players to compare their actual skills to the expected ones and improve the Wiki. In addition it can establish what skills critters on the auction block. Last it computes the value of a critter at auction either for use or conversion to an injector.

How to use it: To use the calculator, just put a 1 in the blanks next to the critter or desired apps, on the Input tab. (You need to remove the 1s already in place on apps or critters you don’t want.) After your critter is all setup, you click the results tab to see the information.(the other locked pages are just there for macros and debugging)

Skill attachments: The method by which the attachment skills are computed is not known. Some attachments come from foreign traits while other seem to tie to the color of critter or its appendages. Two critters with identical appendages may have different attachments. Thus the critter calculator can only establish the base values.

How to improve the calculator: The information on the wiki(and the calculator) isn’t complete or fully accurate. If you notice a difference between your critter and the result add that critter to the feedback page with it’s skills, and it’s traits.

The excel version: A latest version for Excel can be found at Critter Calculator 2.1.4.

The previous online version: Version 1 Critter Calculator appears not to be functional.

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