Right. I figured I would create a new page for attachments, as they are still one of the aspects in Critter Forge that a whole lot isn't known about.

This page is far from complete and it will likely stay that way until it iis taken down. This is informal, first person, and has questionable accuracy. A lot of this is just information compiled from second hand accounts.

I urge you to edit this page if you have knowldedge about attachments, or delete it so I may finally get the message.

Random AttachmentsEdit

Attachment knowledge concerning what apps give how many, not to mention app combos giving extra attaches is vaslty incomplete. From the research people have done, it has been confirmed that critters with the same appendages (and colour) sometimes have different attachments.

I've heard different theories on why this happens, among them critter colour and through a process somewhat similar to foreign traits.

I believe the latter is more likely for two reasons. The first being that I've had quite a few critters that are the same colour, but different appendages. Also, extra attachments seem to have similar characteristics to foreign traits.

Similarities/Relation to ForeignsEdit

First and foremost, they are likely to be foreign indicators. My knowledge of foreigns is somewhat lacking, but its page says that indicators can turn up before you get the foreign. This would be all dandy, if only foreigns were not so unpredicable. Foreigns commonly mutate into other foreigns, so it is very difficult to tell if these are really indicators. I also find extra attaches far more commonly than I do foreigns.

I have had these attachments turn up almost only on tier ones, much like foreign traits for me. I assume this is because my tier 1 samps usually come fresh from the safari, unlike higher tiers that are diluted after a lot of breeding. Also, pretty much only the nigh useless attachments show up, much like foreign indicators.

That is also my next point, dilution. To save time explaining, assume they are exactly like foreigns. They come from safari and only through skillful breeding/incredible luck can they be bred through several gens onto the desired critter. They are easily lost (particularly through inbreeding?).

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